Coat of Arms – Puerto Vallarta

The coat of arms was designed by the Jalisco painter José Manuel Martínez Peña. It was requested by the Puerto Vallarta City Council in 1968, on the occasion of the town’s elevation to the category of city. It was officially adopted on May 31, 1968, within the framework of the celebration for the fiftieth anniversary of Puerto Vallarta as a municipality.

It is formed by four symmetrical quarters that represent the history of Puerto Vallarta and its economic and social trajectory. The upper right field shows the origins of the port, showing the first house on the seashore of the first settler.

The lower right field represents the reason why the precinct was elevated to municipality and the reason for the change of name to Puerto Vallarta. The upper left phase represents the main economic activity of the port at the present time, which is tourism, represented by a sailfish, which abounds in the bay.

In the lower left part is represented the thought and work of the residents of the port who always extend their hand with affection and sincerity to all visitors. The coat of arms is framed by a sea anchor hanging from a festooned cable as a symbol that the city, in poetic terms, is a child of the ocean.