The Impact of the Night of the Iguana in Puerto Vallarta

The “Night of the Iguana” is a movie produced and directed by John Huston in 1963, starring Richard Burton, Ava Gardner and Deborah Kerr. The plot of the story is about a retired priest who takes refuge in Puerto Vallarta, where he becomes a tourist guide, mainly for American teachers with whom he has occasional romances and love affairs.

The film was a cinematographic success that placed Puerto Vallarta in the center of people’s attention, since it won an Oscar and had three other nominations; however, what most attracted the attention of journalists from all over the world was the romance experienced by its protagonist Burton and the famous actress Elizabeth Taylor.

In spite of the director’s refusal to allow Taylor to be present during the filming of the movie, she did not distance herself from her beloved Burton and together they starred in a relationship that transcended the screens, leaving proof of the romance with the acquisition of a house that today is a hotel.

Thanks to Puerto Vallarta’s international airport built in 1954, to the international fame and publicity given by the Night of the Iguana, to its beautiful natural resources and the warmth of its people, today, this destination is one of the most preferred by tourists worldwide.