We conceive The House Museum of Puerto Vallarta as an open book in which our own and visitors can read the past of our community in its diverse stages; as well as appreciate its manifestations in the fields of art, culture, society and knowledge of the environment, among others.

We consider our history, culture and idiosyncrasy, important features that distinguish us from other tourist centers, they give us an added value and it is important to make them known.


Specific Areas

The Museum will be divided into specific areas. Such as the history of Vallarta and its 150 years since its foundation.

  • Aztatlan and the vestiges of Ixtapa Jalisco.
  • The founders and their families.
  • Their mayors and a brief history of what was achieved in their administration.
  • Luis Vallarta Ogazon Award and its winners.
  • “The Night of the Iguana”, Filming and its Protagonists.
  • Richard Burton and Liz Taylor’s Romance, Kimberley House.
  • Families that have changed the course of Vallarta.
  • Collections of 100 cameras.
  • Collection of 5,000 postage stamps of Mexico, United States of America and Art.
  • Collection of Mexican Coins.
  • Art Gallery where a piece of each author from Vallarta or who has lived here for years will be exhibited.
  • Area of Conferences and cultural talks.
  • Graphic Library, with 1,200 National Geographic. From 1922 until now and 100 photography books.
  • Souvenir area and cafeteria.
Important collections

What will your museum
will house?

national geographic
postage stamps
photography books


This casamuseum will be an important center for children and young people, their schools and the community in general. We are sure that it will be a center of attraction and learning about Puerto Vallarta for all who visit us.


As Time Goes By

The Night of the Iguana

Filming and its Protagonists

History and Society


Queen Elizabeth

Visiting Puerto Vallarta


Their Contributions

Richard Burton and Liz Taylor

Kimberley House